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Leaking Windscreen


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When I fitted the windows in my coupe earlier this year all the original sealer on the window rubbers had gone hard and was starting to crack so I cleaned it all off. With me being used to working with old escorts and never having any bother with leaky screens I thought it would be ok without sealer but low and behold both the windscreen and back screen piss in. I've not noticed it too bad till the other day after a bad night of rain the passenger footwell and boot floor both lying an inch deep of water. :angry:

My question is will it work sealing the window rubbers in situ? Bearing in mind i'll probably not get it fairly dry with all the water lying in around the lip. Or will I be better to take the glass out, clean the rubbers properly and refit them with sealer?

Is 3M windscreen sealer suitable stuff to use?

Thanks, Peter. :thumbup

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Thanks for that guys, I will need a bit of luck I think. I've been putting it off for a while but got the carpets etc stripped out today so will give it a try sometime shortly. Think i'll try and blow the worst of the water out of the seals with the airline, it won't take long for the lower lips to rust out if they're lying damp all the time.

Cheers, Peter.

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