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Hydraulic Lifters


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hello i have adjust my lifters many times but with no result before 2800 rpm some of them knock not every time but it drives me crazy .I have adjust the lifters of other cars with 2.0s and there is no knocking but with my 2.2e there is something going on now i use new camshaft and new hydraulic lifters from 1.9sh before that the engine was with his original camshaft but am not sure for the lifters.

And my question is is there any deference between 2.2 2.4 and 1.9 2.0 lifters.Do you have problems like that?

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No all hydro lifters are the same. Adjust with engine running, back each one off until it starts to rattle then do it back up until the rattle stops then 3/4 of a turn

Are you using new adjusted nut as these will work lose if they have been used alot



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