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2.0E Cih Mafless Conversion


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has anyone out there attempted a Mafless conversion on the 2.0E injected engine?

I am having problems with the Bosch LE Jetronic system - mainly the air flow meter.

I have considered converting to carbs (which seems viable) but after discussing the problem with a local auto electrician / engine tuner he has suggested he can do a mafless conversion and get rid of the air flow meter.

The cost to convert to carbs is pretty high as is the figures mentioned for the mafless tune, maybe a 16v conversion is the way to go long term?

Any thoughts appreciated

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Hello Derek,

hows things going in Kiwi land? I had a lot of trouble with my 1.8 and even after a new webber carb on manual choke it was still not right .

so thats why after a few suggestions from members I went down the 2.0ltr 16v route.

how readily available are they at home if you decide going that way ?

anyway will send you some more pics as they come in, and if you look in projects mine is under, manta B coupe project

cheers Adie thumbsup.gif

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Hey mate, good to hear from you.

My 1.8 has had the weber drown draft conversion done and its not the best either.

My 2.0 is the one I am having issues with, would loike to keep it stock if I can, however as you will know having the 1.8 gives me all the bits to make one 16v if I can get the motor.

The 16v motors do come up now and again, there is one on trademe.co.nz at the moment in Wellington that could be worth having, there are a few Jap imported Calibra's here but most have the ecotec motor in them, not the redtop.

My boys chevettes are taking up a bit of time at the moment, hopefully i will get those out of the way by Christmas. His gold hatch is running now, the interior is finished just the paint and panel to do now. The green sedan needs a new water pump fitted, thats sitting on the bench ready to do now so thats my job for today as no work today.

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