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Hi guys as you may know i have put up my coupe for sale.I have tried ebay 60+watchers 1700 views but no bids as such.I know i am not asking too much for the work that as gone into it.So its on piston heads and now here.If any one wants to see the work that went into here you can look on projects under my sheddy exclusive (what it was like,but not now).If she don't sell i will keep her a bit longer and sell nearer summer.I know nows not the best time to sell,but for someone maybe a xmas pressy.£2500 ono.I will put a full years mot on it,its still got 5 remaining at present and done less than a 1000 mile since the last.




Hopefull i will manage to sell her to get the family another vw bus then when the garage is clear drag my mate's crayford cav around to restore.Cheers al.

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i have seen your project thread and am suprised it didn't sell on ebay.

you've got a lovely looking motor there.

i've got an old '82 aircooled vw devon camper on my drive that i have just laid up for the winter (still mot'd).

it looks like a complete dog! but ist suprisingly solid and the motor has done less than 1k after a rebuild by a vw specialist.

also has most of the original devon interior still in it albeit in various states of old!!

fancy some kind of p/x (With cash going your way as well)

i was going to have a crack at painting it next summer and using it for family camping trips but i would rather throw a tent in the back of a shiny red coupe!!!

if not, good luck with your sale. . . .


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