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Free 2.2 Carlton Exhaust System + Wheels + Bits


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This was 6 months old when carefully removed from the car and has been in my garage for about 2 years. Loss of garage means it must go and would be a shame to scrap it.

Free to a good home.

I also have 1 x standard Carlton 2.2 CDI Alloy wheel and tyre and 2 x Manta C Berlinetta Alloys and Tyres. All standard 14". Again free to a good home.

I came across 4 off 5j x 13" Alloys. They have a diamond pattern and a dished rim (no centre cap)and remind me very much of Compomotive wheels. They were right at the back of the garage and are heavily corroded and paint peeling but would refurb great as unkerbed. Came off of a 1.8S Berlinetta... £20

5 x 13" ATS Alloys painted white, vgc with excellent recent tyres £100

5 x 13" Manta B/Cav Mk1 steel wheels, very good condition and excellent recent tyres £60

Aside from that I have 1.8/GTE hatch rear bumpers, Black, red and Monaco Blue-£5 each.

1 x black and 1 x white front air dam £5 each (only 1 has metal bumper insert).

1 x very good bonnet in Carmine red £15

Full set (minus windscreen) Bronze Hatch Glass £10

GTE Passenger side front wing, surface rust only £30

There will be more as I sort through things

Located in Brighton, Sussex.

PM me or leave a note on here.

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