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Fitting A Ecotec In A A Series Manta


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Hello guys.

First of all XE conversions are not very common here in Denmark, so not many people have the expertize i am looking for unfortunatly.. So i hope some of you xe guys in here could help?

I want to put in a complete x20xev with gearbox and everything into my A series Manta.

I am aware that the oilpan as well as the engine mounts need work, but thats the least of my problems.

The real issue is that the XEV need 1000 electronic signals to run, and the most high tech stuff that is on a A series car is the headlights.....! biggrin.gif

So putting in the engine with the EFI is practically impossible. So thats why i want to use Dellorto´s instead of fuel injection..

That sorts alot of problems but leave one big one to stand.... What kind of ignition should i use ???blink.gif

This has really bothered me for a long time. I was thinking about a motronic 28 but the ecotec has no moving parts in the ignition, its all digital......???

Please guys, can anyone help me, i am doing this on a budget so bying a megasquirt is not an option!

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surprised no one has replyed to this

few things eco tecs#

try and get a cavalier x20xev for 2/3 reasons

they have a 1 peice sump

they dont have balance shafts

and a 1.8 manta sump/gear box will bolt up

a vectra/omega x20xev would be a lot more work

have chipped keys make sure you get the chip key ecu and transponder from the same car even if you not using it

alloy 1.8 manta mounts will do but you can use 2.0 8 valve frontera or omega 2.0 ones and they will bolt up to a cavalier block if you tap out the rwd mounts holes on the block

i can wire them up but they are quite difficult and any no one will tell you how to on vauxhall sites some say it cannot be done (tho i have done it )

next up you will need a 2.0 omega exhaust manifold and down pipe but you will prob have to modify it to fit the manta

also a fuel pump and return pipe to the tank

any more questions?

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