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Manta I300R


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Hi guys ive recently seen a manta i300r forsale and im interested in buying it, can any1 give me sum information on the model, how many were made ect cheers

The R stands for Replica :) so it´s not a original 300. The 300 is extremly rare. Under 30 ever made, and they where made and sold exclusivly through Irmscher gmbh. They where actual real 400 chassis cars (including 400 suspension and rear axle + the reinforced and remodelled floor with tunnel for exhaust), and the only thing that differs is the engine. The engine was a 3,0E 12Valve straight six from Senator/monza with 180bhp.

Before the i300 was made, Irmscher also made a i2800 which is even more rare.

It should not be too hard to make a replica yourself, the 3,0 lump fits quite well in the Manta, however the car will get quite nose heavy. I don´t think it will be good at track, but will absolutely make a very decent street racer / cruiser. I had a Manta B once with the 156bhp 3,0H spec engine, and it ran very nice :)

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