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Imagine my dissapointment yesterday when i was rebuilding the front cross member!

2 Brand new audi discs were fitted to the hubs and mounted on the stub axles, all seems well!

then i offer up the 16V calipers :angry::angry::angry:

they do not fit!!!!

looks like the guy who sold me the discs got the wrong ones - 46mm from mounting face to inboard edge of disc instead of 56 :(:( .

or am i wrong???

Anyway i am now on the lookout for whatever i can get my hands on at a decent price.

i will consider a full or part set up if it complements the bits i already have at my disposal:-

1. i have a pair of volvo 240 calipers so carlton 2.2 discs would work with them if anyones got some.

2. or as i have 16v calipers the correct audi discs would be nice

in both cases i need to overall the calipers so if you have a full set up as i said i will consider it.

Pm me with what you have and how much you would take for it :thumbup

If you have any other set up suggestions then share them as well.

now sorted!cheers Kev

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