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'87 Manta Exclusive Coupe


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Hello Everyone,

I'm just testing the water a bit here, I'm gonna be putting my Exclusive up for sale in the next couple of months (my wife's expecting our first baby!) and I figured I'd put it up here first because I'll need a pretty quick sale once its ready.

I bought it a couple of years ago as a bit of a "barn find". It had been garaged in 1996 so that the previous owner could sort out a couple of small bits, mainly a leaky fuel pump and a crusty spare wheel well. I bought it in 2008 and it hadn't turned a wheel in between.

When I got it I replaced the exhaust with an ashley one off my 400r, it was returned to standard height and the fuel leak was fixed. After a couple of back tyres and a quick blow over we had an MOT!

Here are a couple of pics.

When I got it:


On the way to the wedding:


and a couple more recently:



The car isn't concourse, it could be doing with a new bonnet and the paint isn't perfect (the worst part is the bonnet though THB). As you can see from the pics the nose needs a little massage.

The good news is the sunroof isn't showing any sign of rust and the seal keeps the water out.

There are a few other small things but all in all I'd say its in very good condition, its been fully undersealed from new, It'll come with a full MOT and possibly some tax if it gets pressed into baby moving duties.

I'm hoping for as close to £3k as I can get, as previously stated it'll be at least a month (probably two) before its ready.

Car is located in West Yorkshire. Call 07702 506387 or email: passmethegun @ gmail.com (no spaces in the email address)

DON'T PM ME! I don't login often and tend to miss PM's



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