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I Want This!

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Oh hell yeah !!!, a guy at work had one years ago and showed me the photos.

He bought one not long after they came out and said for the whole time he had it nothing could touch him, porche, ferrari, he would blow them away.

I think parts were the biggest factor as to why he sold it, they were so expensive and took ages to get but what a sweet car thumbsup.gif

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many years ago i worked in stoke for a fianance company and we had to repo both a h reg green lotus calton and m reg escort cosworth from a bloke in manchester

i drove the calton and my mate at the time, had to drive the cossie !! back down the m6 to green lane car auction in walsal,l that will probally be the best and fastest few hours of my life, the calton did pull 170 mph with ease!! but did use 30 quid of petrol to go 50 miles over 10 years ago!! happy times

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The year it was launched only one car in the world introduced that same year was faster and that was the Ferrari Testarossa, and it would still need a f***** beating to keep up... Kind of put things into perspective. blink.gif

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