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i know nothing about tyres,

ive got some revo 400 wheels although tyres are all good i think the back ones are too big

now these tyres are like rocking horse poo.. ive currently got on the back 255 50 16 tyres and im wondering if i could sqeeze the more popular smaller width tyres on which are 245 45 16.

on the front are 225 45 16 which look fine and again are good but could i get 215 45 16s on?


cheers mick

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I would think that you could go to the sizes quite easily. All you have to watch for really is the rolling radius change which will affect the gearing and of course your speedo. Effectively your only coming in 5mm per side so thats nothing really.

Put all the tyre sizes you gave in a gear calculator program i have and this is what they are

225/45 r16 - 73.39

215/45 r16 - 72.30

255/50 r16 - 79.17

245/45 r16 - 75.56

As you can see the rears will reduce by almost 4.5 inches (think its inches!!!!) per revolution



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