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1984 Black Opel Manta Gte Hatch Engines And Gearboxes.

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I have what remains of a 1984 GTE Hatch, it was intended to be my project and my pride and joy, however I trusted a gentleman near Bristol who normally indulged in Rovers Restoration to weld and spray the body. However, after some considerable time and money he abandon my car in premises for which he owed a lot of rent. I won a case in court to have my money back but he had closed the company so I had no assets to claim against. :(

Anyway I got the car back but in a sorry state, a non runner, minus loads of bits, bonnet, boot, sunroof, windscreen, fuel pipes, and more and have stripped it to be a downer for another I have which I now intend to refurbish myself. So I am left with a shell, on wheels with the prop and the rear axle still attached, no engine or gearbox (sorry I would like to keep them), no glass, seats, interior, etc, basically just the shell.

If anyone would like to come and take it away, I would gladly swap it for some advice and possibly some help later on down the line when I need it with the next car restoration.

I also have, as I was collecting them from previous cars, two engine, I think the first is a 1.8 and the other a 1.9, they ran before I took them out of a Manta and a Cavalier Hatch, both have associated gearboxes.

If no one is interested they will all just go down the scrap yard but I was hoping as they are free (but you'll have to collect from Basingstoke sorry) someone would like them in exchange, as I say for a little advice some time.

If anyone is interested e mail me and I'll can send some photos, (I can't see how to attache them here sorry).

Thanks for looking anyway.

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