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Manta 400R Rally Car For Sale

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bought this car off drew for £4100 which he will confirm

had to buy a new starter motor which cost me 80 quid ( which he will also confirm !!! ) and 100 quid to get it home so stands me 4300 ish

will take 4k for it if any one here is interested - its going to need some work but worth the effort in my opinion

I need the money to put into something else

its for sale on ebay at the moment - item number 181197216667

probably worth more in bits but I need it gone in a lump

also got 2 spare shells 1 coupe 1 hatch with various bits included

buyer can have the lot for 4k - need to clear out


07921 269921

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hi guy's have been watching this for a year n a half elsewhere was wondern if it had sold , i'd seen it ,classiccarsforsale.co.uk or rally24 ..just got an account here the threads are superb proper quality ,being on astramk2owners,retrorides,passionford and turbosport algood, though this site has imo the most comprehensive no b$%&^&*£ build threads ,just need too buy my membership now and get me a motor ,had been near too buying paul's (fermanta) chevette start last year though had too pull out as quick as i had enquired.. although i'm looking too buy a manta 400 (..refuse to call em rep's) ideally wanted a shell at the stage where user kurt had his that was for sale in april ,i pm'd him although see he hasn't been on so assume he may have sold it ..ahem,this is a sort of two birds theme ..Upk-kev i noticed you are friends of user kurt so thought u maybe able to answer this also ,and had thought that possibly yourself Rob may have this shell of user kurts havin possibly bought when/if he sold ,was mainly the way the e30 rear end and the wheels were where i wanted mine too sit /look,any light too be shod good /bad would be much appreciated guy's hope i've not boggd your thread glwts regards n all .john p.s - was looking too buy in the newyear so as too have more lik 5-6 to use as a start block buy n build should keep the work rolling till next payday ,giving 3500-4500 for a car the 1500 to start the build and add 1k odd amonth,thats the plan though ' know wot they say about plans ,so i'll just go with it ,so to speak ,have been looking at this also rob though i'll see in mid jan feb where things are before making decisions ,though thought i'd ask just too get an idea of what is available,again guy's thanks

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