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'84 Cavalier 1.8 Cd, £1200 In S Wales


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I know it's wrong wheel drive and not a Manta, but I'll advertise it here anyway. It's a Cavalier 1.8CD on injection, think it was once auto but it's been converted to manual. It was on our field at Billing this year so if you were there you'll have seen it already!

MOT til March, tax til the end of March, 104k miles but that will go up. It does 40mpg on a run and apart from one or two minor things it's been incredibly reliable and has been used pretty much every day. That's the problem really, it's too good to use every day so I'd like it to go to someone who'll give it the treatment it deserves.

Cambelt and water pump were done at 100k, it's got 4 decent tyres and had a brand new master cylinder less than 6 months ago and a new rear silencer a few weeks ago. Brand new tailgate struts as well, that actually hold the tailgate up properly. Rear arches and sills have been done at some point but they're totally solid. Sunroof's a bit sticky. The worst points I can think of are the doors, the front ones are crispy around the bottom but not terrible. Some of the glass has what I think is debris from an angle grinder on the inside as well, presumably from when the arches and sills were done.

Overall it's a classic which you really can use every day, and I have. Between my dad and I we've done about 9000 miles in this since March.



Better pictures tomorrow!

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