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Hello, Can Anyone Help?


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Good Morning,

I was wondering if any of you could please help me... Me and my fiance are getting married next year and he has recently come across the Opel Manta A series and has fallen in love with it, he previously thought he wanted a Ford MK1 or MK2 Escort but then found this car and it is his dream car... So after a very very rough year of a lot of lows, I decided it would be an amazing surprise to see if I could hire an Opel Manta as a wedding car and wondered if any of you knew whether this was possible? I've had a quick look on the web and I have run into the usual issues... we live in Cumbria and everything always seems to be down south and nowhere near where we live! Can anyone help? Point me in the right direction?

Any information anyone could give would be brilliant,

Thanks in advance and hope you all have a good day

Emma :)

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The problem you're likely to find with this, other than trying to find an A series locally, is the insurance issues for providing wedding car hire!

If someone from the club did live locally, and was prepared to offer their car, there would be implications for their insurance in getting it insured for 'Hire and Reward', which this would be. Plus any other implications it might provide from an insurance perspective.

Unless you come to a private arrangement where you cover their fuel costs only, and no profit is made on the deal, then it might be ok. Just hope there's a generous club member in your area who can give up their time to help for no reward.

Sad state of affairs, but these questions come up often, and they are never as simple as one suspects.

Good luck though, and hope you source something.

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Thanks very much for your honest answer... I knew it wouldn't be a simple task, but thought it was worth an ask anyways. It is a sad state of affairs, but I still like to think that there are some lovely people out there and someone might want to help me in my challenge! Fingers crossed, nothing like being optimistic!

Thanks again for your reply,


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