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Grey Berlinetta Hatch Interior


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I've decided the grey interior in my hatch project has to go, I'm looking at photos of my last car with it's black recaro interior and can't help but want this for my new car. Plus the car is far from original condition already. I'm going to be stripping out the interior as I'll be looking to dynamat the floor and as I work on the car outside, there won't be a lot of room for me to store the seats and interior panels.

Just to see if there'd be much interest as manta interiors seem a bit thin on the ground compared with a few years ago. I will get a photo up before long but they are the grey and black striped seats that you'd find in the 1.8S Berlinettas from about 1985 and they were also in the 1.8 exclusives as they didn't have grey recaros like the GTE, they seem to match the models that had the updated white 140mph clock set but could have been in earlier cars, just I've not ever seen one. The drivers bolster has some wear, not as bad as the usual recaro but same area and is frayed. The fronts are a bit grubby, they are a lot better after I gave them a good hoover, but could do with shampooing. This will basically include the two front seats, the rear bench lower and folding back, the passenger and driver side door cards, and the grey parcel shelf with the two side pieces where the speakers mount.

Price wise I'd be after either a trade for any bits that I need on my parts wanted list, or even a single racing seat as I'd need something to put in the drivers side just so I can move the car without sitting on a tool box and legally drive it on the road if I ever needed to before I get a replacement interior. For cash er.. £75 ono.. Thanks.

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