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1974 manta berlinetta lower ball joints

leonard taylor

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hi can any help im having trouble finding the right lower for my late 74 manta every set ive ordered comes back wrong i measured the outside diametre of the old unit it came out at 43.60mm the new ones keep coming at 43.34mm this is the splined diametre is it possible its been modified or has anyone got a different opiniun

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A 0.26mm discrepancy looks like a patttern part that has not been produced to a fine tolerance, that said the lower arms are a pressed item so they probably would not be made with a plus or minus quarter of a milimeter tolerance, press tools are good but when they have done a few thousand stampings they will be little bit out.

The ball joints are meant to be pressed in so perhaps the original was OMG tight to get in and new pattern ball joint will just be F tight to press home.

One other thought, have you checked the depth of the splines ? they are meant to bite into the metal as the ball joint is pressed home, if the base diameter of both ball joints is the same then perhaps the pattern ball joints are OK.

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