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Hello from Israel - Shalom


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I connected the forum a while ago, but i wasn't active..
so lets do it right and i'll introduce myself ;)

I'm Aditi
i was born in 1985,Jerusalem. and my 'General lee' in 83, Russelsheim... so we're both a little old. (or at least tring to grow up :D)  

I have a few Opel Models, but  let's focus on the common one - Manta

Here is Israel there are not much obsolete models with the Lightning Symbol, so a fortiori manta's
approximately that can be count on one hand the first generation, and on the second hand the second generation - driving situation of course. 
all the rest in neglect status or extensive renovation needed.

Mine, without any obvious reason - painted in Orange and therefore  she got the "General Lee" nickname by a friend.

The model is known as Manta GT, (too bad it's not truely Grand Terismo :lol:)  
 1.8 model and in a direct match (unfortunately) whit the automatic 3 gear box.

I love him even though he drives me crazy sometimes, we recently started a thorough introduction of daily travels..
and happy to be here :thumbup

Picture of the General 
IMG_20160507_WA0030.jpgforum image hosting



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I shall gladly doubl3t :thumbup

Luckily course came to Israel, 70's and eighties - before GM took the taboo..
There are also several vauxhall's as well -  viva, shavet, and one victor Model in a renovation project now..

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