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Hello from Canada


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Good day all, As a new member to the group I thought it would be polite to tell you a bit about myself.   I moved to Canada from the UK in 1981 prior to my departure I was employed by Opel main dealers McGill Automotive in St Albans.  I spent five years in the sales department at McGill's and developed my love for Opel's during that time.  Since moving to Canada I have restored a few cars, a couple of Vauxhall Viva Gt's, Vauxhall Firenza Coupe, Morris Minor and an MG Midget.  Over the years I have searched for an Opel to restore but have never found the right vehicle, that all changed this weekend when I found a 1978 Manta Coupe, it's a bit crusty and has had a rather crude V6 conversion done to it but I couldn't pass it by.  

Manta A's were imported and sold in Canada through GM Buick dealers but the Manta B was never imported so the car I am now the proud owner of is a gray import.  In addition to the V6 conversion the car has been converted to automatic however the clutch pedal was was left in place!   I need to have a good clos look at the V6 and decide wether or not I rebuild the unit and convert it back to a manual bid (T5).  My other option is to junk the V6 and replace it with a 2.0L GM LTG motor from a RWD Cadillac CTS or ATS, I beleive these engines are developments of the trusty GM XE series but I need to do some research on this.  

For your amusement here are a couple of pictures of the car: if you look closely to the second picture you will notice it has a tree growing from under the rear wheel well.

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