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Wiring up an Electronic Dizzy


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Happy Old Year 🎉

Anyway, I've seen a couple threads with similar topics, but all get resolved with someone buying a fix. Which I am open to, but looking for a fix with what I've got for times sake.

So, I've got the correct JHFU4 distributor in good condition, I've got a Bosch electronic coil, and a VW 7pin controller, which looks to be right. It's all the bits in between that I'm missing.

What I do have, is a loom from a 2.2 with the full electronic ignition with the extra bits. What that means is I've got a whole load of wires, with the correct plugs, but all the wires not going to the right places. So I'm looking for a good wiring diagram going to each pin on each component.

Many thanks in Advance!

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