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Silver i200

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Spotted yesterday at the Southern Classics car show at Shoreham airport in sussex. C*** XNX. (Does it count?)

I haven't seen this car since the Fieldgate Classics Opel day near chichester 5 years ago. I used to have A120OEX, another silver i200 and I couldn't believe it when I turned up at the show and parked up right next to this gorgeously clean i200. I believe it was sold a year or 2 ago and its not quite so pristine now but still lovely. Does it belong to anyone on here?

My car is still waiting its fate on axle stands and I don't see any mantas any more. Its good to know its still local. Get in touch if you're local!

There was also the lovely orange A series that lives/d in Lancing. Still as clean as ever..

I sold my i200 to Colin who lived in Cheddar. Anyone seen it down that way as I lost contact?

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any pics... just wondering was this the same car i was pondering in buying after i bought c888 vwd. which wud have been over 12 months ago

1985 i200

1985 i240 Replica

1985 gte


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No pics handy. My one didn't have the rothmans stripes fitted and had strange dents on standard ronal gte wheels. The other one does have the stripes and also has a chromed rocker cover. The passenger side piece of the irmscher rear spoiler was leaning slightly to the left, the previous owner told me it was damaged in a vauxhall dealer when they borrowed his car for the showroom when they launched the irmscher astra. Again it was on standard GTE ronals.

Does that help? I can email pic of my old car but I would have to find the pics of the other one.

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Is this the silver i200 that used to live around the Chichester area? Can't for the life of me remember the last owners name, he had a limp due to a really nasty accident in a Manta a few years back. Also knew the owners before that as well. Its had a few engine mods if memory serves me right? Where abouts do you live as I'm over in Newhaven and I'm currently listed as the area rep, although due to a recent arrival of a new baby have not done anything club wise for a good while. Hope to have at least a Pub Meet going soon anyway. Drop us an email if your interested. Roy, are you still battling along with yours? Sorry I haven't been intouch but overrun with Nappies and baby grows just recently! I will try and pop over soon.




Andy Turner a.k.a Fat Southern B'stard

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Hi mate, the message would have gone to whatever email address you used to register with this site. It was just saying similar to andys, by all means get in contact and if your ever over this way (Hove) pop in for a chat.


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