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Timmys 16v hatch project -


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I thought you might like to see the photo's I've taken so far of my project-

I've always loved Vauxhalls, and my favourite was my MkII Astra GTE16v, I bought it as a bit of a wreck and restored it pretty well, especially the engine which was rebuilt by my own fair hand. Since then, the only cars I'd driven were novas and my trusty 1.6 astra, so you can probably understand why I was totally addicted as soon as I drove the 16v version -

And you'll probably understand how gutted I was when my pride and joy had an unfortunate high speed interaction with a dirty great hedge. Before i'd even run in the engine. Arse.

But as I've always loved Mantas, and have always wanted a rear drive car, and now having a mint 20xe sat in the garage, I thought it was time I did the decent thing. Which I did.

So now I've got a 1987 GTE Exclusive Hatch which I bought about a year ago, I drove it for a bit and didn't do much with it apart from change the oil and weld up the rusty bits, and I drove it everyday for about 9 months with no problems.

But then all those donuts in Tesco's car park took their toll, and the unbreakable 2litre CIH, broke. Quite badly.

So about time to get that little beauty in the garage, and make it a little bit more special. With 16v power.

This is how far I've got - I have to borrow a camera so I don't take many pictures, and I haven't got any pictures of the car as I bought it, but I hope you all like the ones i've taken so far. . .

I got rid of the rust on the front wings and repainted them, but didn't get as far as putting more red stripes on. I'm gonna get rid of all the stripes and badges when I paint it again


Heres the engine bay without the engine.


Its all surface rust on my car. .


Apart from this . .


And this . .


And this is how its looking now. Getting there . .


Its got a sound interior, the only thing I've added is the Sparco steering wheel (Fluffy dice absent in this pic . .)



I bought this lot to help me with the task in hand. Looks a bit dirty.


Whereas I like my gearbox to be nice and clean.


But what use is a shiny 1.8 gearbox without . .

A 20XE to power it. I rebuilt this with the help of my dad, it's the first complete rebuild I've attempted and since doing it I'm totally addicted to these engines, I think there an amazing piece of kit, really well built and nicely made for a 'standard' engine. I've gone for an Ashley manifold to make it fit the Manta.


I'm going to post more pics soon, I'm currently painting the engine and rebuilding the front and rear suspension as well as the whole brake system, and I'm going to post some questions on the forum so hopefully it'll help that you know what car I'm on about!

Thanks everyone,


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all that looks all so familier[:D] ive done all of that to mine[:P]

keep up the good work,[:D]

(got to say tho your brave holding the car up with that

axle stand on the rotten jacking point)

sunroof seal wanted please help!!!!

omoc member 5918

16v i240 hatch (coming soon)


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