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My A series project


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After a legendary trip to Glasgow the engine gave up the ghost. It took a few months to locate a decent one (28k genuine!) so the saga began.

In one of the pics you can see my mates helping out (i'm not in there, i was taking the pic!)

interior is sweet and very rare tan with everything original!





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Hi Pete

the little chrome KN type filter is a crankcase vent filter. it is there to sort of filter out the toxic fumes that vent out of the engine. Looks nice too! [;)]

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Monkey boy long time no see! Yes I had to rip the roof lining and push the roof out, it looks respectable but needs a top coat of filler to smooth out, thank god because my heart sank when i first saw the state of the roof after the vandalism.

Hope you get sorted with your manta mate. Haven't heard from Fatboy Chris for a while too.

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some more pics

my first attempt at welding, using a mig turbo. the nearside jacking point is now solid again [:)]

the other pic is of the rear valance (near side)

i couldn't resist showing off my xt [:P]





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