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What engine transplant to do.


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Hi, I have now finished the bodywork on my 400 replica, and want to start on the engine replacement. I do have a Calibra Turbo that I wanted to transplant, however I’m now thinking of the 30/24v Carlton.

Could anybody tell me what I will need to get for the Carlton transplant? I have a donor car lined up.

Thanks for any help.

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The 3.0 doesn't have as adverse an effect on handling as people would make you think with properly sorted suspension.

Not really the best country road car though.

Avoid any setup that involves moving / dropping the ARB.

If moving the rad crossmember put a replacement in FIRST without it you can grab the chassis rails and move them in your hand.

Power to weight ratio with a 16V will be better especially if tuned. Handling and centre of gravity will be better.

3.0 does make an excellent cruiser with long legs though.

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I would stick to the Calibra Turbo engine ( personally I would go for a low mileage late model Zafira/Astra engine) it's easily tuned and you will get more bhp and torque than the old 24v and its less weight and easier fit....have a look for the 400ps Calibra turbo'd manta on you tube....however about a 3.2 Omega V6????

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