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First off, I'll start assuming you've got a picture on your PC, either scanned or imported from a digital camera.

1) First thing you need to do is ensure your picture is suitable for display on the net.640 by 480 pixels is best or file size under 100KB If you're using a digi camera it's probably gonna be pretty big. There are loads of programes you can use to edit pictures, like Irfanview http://www.irfanview.com as it's free

2) In Irfanview, you need Edit -> resize/resample; shortcut "CTRL-R"(hold ctrl and press R)

On the left is the image size as is. You can either select a standard size from the list on the right or specify it yourself by over-typing the highlighted box. It's probably best to specify the size ensuring "preserve aspect ratio" is ticked so the picture isn't stretched. I tend to go for, in pixels, 640 Width and let Irfanview give the Height. For a siginiture image try Width 120 pixels.

3) Once you're done, you'll want to save the image. Probably best to keep your original picture and save this edited image as a copy so File

save the file as a jpg

4) Now you need to upload the image to a web based host service, such as http://www.photobucket.com or http://www.uploadit.org to name but two.

You'll need to register first but both are free for simple image hosting, though you can upgrade to do other things for a small fee.

Once registered you can begin uploading images.

5)Note the "URL" box with it's text (highlighted). Copy this text (left click and drag to select all the text, right click -> copy or CTRL-C). In Uploadit, you get a list. Click the list and copy the http address from the new window.

6) On to the forum, you have two options. You can simply paste the http address and post a link to your picture. Anyone who wants to see it will need to click the address. This is good if you want to post a lot of images

If you want to display the actual image, use the "img" tags:


That's all there is to it. As you may have figured, you don't actually post a picture but point the forum software to a net address which it converts into an actual picture.

Hope this helps.

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