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Camshaft Angles.


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hi all. in responce to a question i put on here ages ago about identifying camshafts .i always have thought that the cam in my gmx engine was wrong from when gm built it.couldnt seem to find out via cam id stampings so have now bought a timing disc & done a reading on it. my inlets are opening at 15 deg btdc,peaking out around 119 deg atdc & closing at 90 deg abdc.so proving that the cam is definately wrong. the peak & closing is correct but the opening is much too late .suggesting either a very worn lead up or wrong grind to start with. !!.very strange. cam looks perfect. engine only done 30,000 ml. hopefully if i now put a 20e cam in which should peak @ 117 deg.any very slight wear in timing chain may bring it pretty close to the 20s spec of 119.deg.anyone any comments or had similar results? ? cheers.

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