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Basic Xe Wiring! Help!


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At this very moment, im attempting to wire up the starting/charging system for the XE in my Kadett C. Its going to be running on R1 carbs so no ECU.

Im trying to keep it as simple as possible and use as much original wiring as possible to a. save time b. save money!

When I took the old 1.2 out about a year ago, i remember cutting 4 wires which was the loom for the old engine, which is essentially what I want to use to start it up.

But being silly, I forgot to make note of what is what!


Black with red THICK


Yellow with a black coming off it


The engine loom on the XE is actually robbed off a 2.0 8v Carlton. I chopped off the plug and left with these wires.


Black/Red THICK



blue/white thin

blue/red thin


Also i have wired up the coil running my front mounted belt driven Manta distributor, but I have one black wire (with a plug on the left). Which should this be wired to?


Can anyone of you guys work out what I can do to mate all this up so I can start off the key. My head gets ultra confused when it comes to electrics!!

Any help would be very much appriciated.

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he XE loom is self contained and only requires connection to the following

Large Red - perm power direct to battery

Thin black (single pin connector to right of fuel rail) - accesory power, needs to be connected to a cranking live accesory (depending on the model, there is usualy one on the nova loom on the right of the engine bay, if not siply wire one from the fuse box.)

Blue and red - Fuel pump, this comes from the large relay and needs to supply the positive to the fuel pump.

Earth - this is handled by the earth strap that is on the gearbox, (the XE loom earths directly to the engine at each end of the fuel rail.)

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if you are using bike carbs you dont need xe loom at all. put a manta 1.8/2.0 coil pack on the inner wing connect to the dizzy using manta wire/plug from the ignition amplifier. the black wire goes back to the fuse box switched live i think off hand. ( read snowys cav on projects) blue and white is alternator gauge/exciter on dash. thick red is to battery/starter main feed, black and red is for starter to kick in. run a thick red wire from alternator out to starter main feed from battery. that should do the ignition side. please come forward with corrections.

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