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Manta A Series Part Price Help Required !

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Hello everyone,

I have a few Manta A Series SR 1973 parts for sale but unsure of what they are worth or how rare they are ?

If anyone could give me a rough idea of going rates on the following, that would be much appreciated !

Pair of Plastic Chrome Stingrays for lower front wing.

Red "Manta" badge

Red "SR" badge

Plastic chrome look opel circle badge with lighting strike

Pair of black sun visors

Pair of chrome ashtrays

Pair of chrome number plate lights

Fuse box cover

Pair of plastic chrome look interior door lock surround

Pair of black plastic knob for seat release

Bottom half black plastic column surround/steering wheel cover

Pair of indicator lenses complete unit, not just lenses, backing pieces and wires etc.

Radiator hose, not sure if top or bottom ?

Might have some other little bits and bobs in shed if anyones interested.

Thanks for taking time to read.

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Hi, thanks for response, I have posted up 2 auctions on ebay so far but then thought I was maybe being silly to set reserve at 99p each, so I then went and edited price to £10 each starting? I expect that's way too much but I thought it worth ago. You hardly ever see these cars these days and even when I owned mine it was quite hard to source some bits. I loved mine very much, it was metallic blue !

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One of the only places to get these parts new is Dr Manta, if you go to his website you'll be able to see what he charges. I did see a new top radiator hose at Billing for £12, and I paid just over £20 (inc postage)for a pair of hoses on ebay last year.it is hard to price this sort of stuff because as you say the cars are becoming scarce, which means that some parts have little or no demand, whilst others that commonly need replacing do fetch a premium. Sometimes letting the market decide the value through an auction site can be a good way, some things may go for less than you might expect, others more.

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