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Tow Bar

tom child

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I would reckon when you see the towbar against the car it will be pretty much self-explanatory, I recently removed mine from the hatch and (if memory serves) there was only 6 bolts plus the re-enforcing plates inside the rear floor that I had to undo. Probs best to have an extra pair of hands to hold bolts from spinning when you are tightening them from below.

Cheers, Colin.

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There is 6 bolts on 3 mounting points.

2 mounting points on either side of the spare wheel well on the floor just behind the rear lights, and a mounting point above the spare wheel well in the centre of the boot floor closest to the seats.

When you get the tow bar it will be like vauxsend saays pretty self explanitary.

The tow bar actuly has a bar that runs across the underside of the petrol tank then up to the boot floor past the fuel pump so cages the fuel tanks in so if you go over speed bumps to agressivly you can catch the tow bar on them.

There is a picture of a hatch tow bar in this link.


Just had a look at the picture of the tow bar and it may be just 3 big bolts with strenghtning plates supose it depends on which make of towbar it is.

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