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Manta Gt/e Decals


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I realise this may be a strange opening post but its out of desperation really. I have been restoring a 1983 Manta GT/E for a friend of mine (I will put some pics up at some point to show the process) and its now finished and back together but we need to get hold of the decals for it. We are not overly fussed whether they are original or freshly made by a sign writer as long as they are accurate. We have seen a couple on ebay which will be helpful however we need all of the stickers. I was hoping somebody may know where I can look to get hold of them. I dont have the measurements so cant get them made up by anybody. If anyone can help us, it would be brilliant. This car is a one owner from new with 28k miles on it and we just need the stickers to have it back the way it was all those years ago. The recaro interior is as new condition and now the bodywork is shiny white again how it once was.

Any help will be greatfully appreciated.


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