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R1 Carbs Or Webers?


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Link here about r1's and carbs.


Heres a link to a Total vauxhall feature on Bike carbs.


Seems bike carbs are becoming the more cost effective option nowadays due to the cost of Webers and manifolds.

Unless you can drop on a cheap set up.

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Go for the R1's, I've previously been on Webers and now on R1's and the Yamaha design carb's stay in tune so much better than the Webers and as already pointed out are far cheaper to purchase with an inlet manifold from Bogg Bros for £170 so go calculate. Spent most of last week chasing a MK1 Astra around Nurburgring which was on Redtop/R1's and it was pulling like a train.

Just one note of caution, it would seem there is a possible issue regarding the mounting of these carbs to the inlet manifold (almost every car on the BH2N run using R1's had experienced niggles) and it may be well worth using the genuine Yamaha inlet mounting rubbers to avoid the carbs separating from the manifold or silicone hose supplied by Boggs.

HTH, Cheers, Colin.

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