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Steering Rack And Column.

Paul G

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I am looking to get a new lower bearing for my 1984 Manta B steering column. It is the one that fits inside the column and fits over the steering rack below the “spline drive”. I have “excessive” wear in the steering and have traced it to this bearing. I have tried packing it out with grease, this will probably work for a while but I would like to have a replacement ready for a rainy Sunday when I have nothing to do in the winter. Can anyone help please with a contact address or number or an alternative method of curing my problem?. Thank you in advance.

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Hi mate

Might be able to pick one from Ob stock in europe be about £8.00 - £10.00.

I'm going to be away from the phones and PC as of 7 tonight until Monday Morning but if you are interested just drop me a line



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