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Glow Plugs


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These are all Motrio parts (sub division of renault) I picked up from a garage clearance earlier in the year.

Have sold quite a few and all fitted and working with no issues

I'm selling tham at £1.50 each plus postage Which is normally £2 to mainland uk

12 of 86 71 000 365

Fits all FORD 1.8D engines and all 1.8TD engines made before August 1996

As found in Fiesta, escort, Mondeo, Orion Sierra

Also fits the 1.4D found in the Citroen AX, Pug 106, Rover Metro/100

6 of 86 71 000 366

Fits all FORD 1.6D engine in Fiesta, Escort, Orion

Also Ford Transit 2.4D 1978-1985(york engine)

16 of 86 71 000 369 Fits

Alfa Romeo 155 1.9TD, 2.5TD

BMW 323D(E30), 318TD, 325TD (E36), 525TD (E34)

Chrysler Voyager 2.5TD (upto 1995)

ALL Citroen and Peugeot 1.7D, 1.8D 1.9D, 1.9TD, 2.1D, 2.1TD, 2.5D, 2.5TD

Fiat and Lancia 1.3D, 1.4TD, 1.7D, 1.9D, 1.9TD, 2.1TD, 2.4TD

Ford Sierra 2.3 diesels

Ford Transit 2.4 1971-1978 (york engine)

Iveco Daily upto 1989,

Merc 190 200 300 Diesel engines upto 1989

Rover Maestro 2.0D, 2.0TD, 200+400 1.7TD, 1.9D

Seat Ibiza 1.7D (>1993)

Vauxhall 1.6D, 1.7D, 1.7TD (Not isuzu), 2.3D, 2.3TD, 2.5TD

20 of 86 71 000 371 Fits,

1.5D engines fitted to Citroen AX, Saxo, Lada samara, Pug 106, Rover 100

Parts are in Harrogate, North Yorkshire if anyone wants to collect

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