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I have a 1979 Opel Manta Silver II

This has the 1979cc engine

I have taken the car into a garage to have the clutch replaced

the garage have phoned me as they have found that there were 3 variants of the 1979cc engine each with a unique part number for the clutch!

Apparently each engine has a unique code, but the garage have been unable to find this code on the block of the engine

does anyone know which code is relevant to the Silver II?

I can then ring them back and get the clutch swapped!

thanks for your help with this


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Hi Phil

The engine number is located on the passanger side of the engine block. If you look between No 2 & 3 spark plugs and then follow down the block you'll see a oblong flat looking up at you, the number is stamped on there.

I would see that the problem they are having is the is an 8", 8.5" and 9" clutches. A 2.0 engine should be an 8.5" but the 9" was a factory option. The 8" was normally for the smaller engines ie 1.6.

All pressure plates on a CIH engine are four bolt fitting but you'll find that most of the pattern guys list the 1.8 clutch as the 2.0 but the 1.8 is a six bolt pressure plate.

if your garage can't find onr then have a look on ebay as there are a couple of companies claiming they have the correct clutch



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