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I240 Hatch Breaking


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rebuilt 40 miles ago...spec is


ported head kent ast1613 competion cams.

kent venier cam pulley

new cambelt+pulleys

R1 carbs jetted to suit mounted on bogg bros ally manifold.

custom ally air box and filter.

brand new H+H dissy. not recon

block bored to 86.5mm and fitted with new mahle pistons and rings.

lighted flywheel

heavy duty mains and bigend bearings

arp rod bolts

custom alloy bottom pulley

steel engine brackets

polished rocker cover and bely cover + spark cover


exhaust is a ashley 4 branch in to a full stainless 60mm powerflow exhaust.

sounds awesome gurgles away nicley. 97bds at 4000 revs. so nice n quiet untill u floor it

good for track day noise regs.

needs running in then rollin road tuning. near 200bhp i reckon


1800 box

basically everything u need to plop in to ur opel.

very torquey engine. very fast. plug n play cost over 2.5k to build offers around £1500

full i240 kit genuine irmscher offers around £400

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Shame your breaking that mick its a gorgeous car. Why do these things always come up for sale at the wrong time? Would love that engine for my chevette estate if youd have being selling back end of summer id have bitten your arm off! Goodluck with the sale anyway,not that you`ll need it. Gareth.

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