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Flywheel Ring Gear


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I bought a lightened LET flywheel at PVS this weekend for my V6 conversion. It came without a ring gear fitted (for £100, who cares!!). :thumbup

Is it possible to remove the one off the V6 flywheel and reuse it? Will it fit?

If not, can someone point me in the right direction to get one? I've been looking and can't seem to find any decent suppliers.


Oh, and by the way.....where were the Mantas at PVS? :angry:

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No, the ring gear on a V6 Flywheel is part of the flywheel. Only thing you can do is to get a Ring Gear from an LET.

I've an LET gear in Stock @ £61.73 + VAT but you will need some proper heat to fit this to your new flywheel as these are a shrink fit.

It not a good idea either to look for a second hand flywheel as the only way to get the gear of the flywheel is to cut it off plus you run the risk of the teeth being bugged.



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Cheers Andy. It will have to wait then as I have over spent already (PVS with 2 kids does not equal cheap, lol)

I don't actually need it just yet anyway, as the engine is still in the Calibra, and needs the head gaskets doing. And I need a gearbox.... :lol:

I will contact you in the near future, cheers


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