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Lenk Springs


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I bought fron Lenk Tuning lower springs to my Manta A

The reference from Lenk is that is -40mm the springs arrived this week i make some comparissom with my old ones and the diference is big

All the 4 springs from Lenk have the same size in comparison with my old ones, one is almouts the same size and to the other is +-90mm of diference.


I send a e-mail to Lenk and they say that is normal and is all ok, that they sell in the last years more the 40 sets and don't have any complain.

Any one try this springs? Is this normal?


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The compression rates will be different probably.

The lower ones have tighter coils at one end to account for the shortening.

My AVO 30mm lowering springs were all shorter than the originals though.

Thanks Shug,

Like you say probably is the compression rate :blink: the best way to know is to try in the car but it will take some time until i try:(

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