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Price Of 400 Rep


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hi all sorry if i put this in the wrong section but

my 400 rep is now 99% done and im going to start with car inc calls email

problem i have is how much do i say the car is worth to the inc co

its e reg 400 body kit 16v engine . polly bushed

quick rack

usual re build stuff

re sprayed ect

wax oiled

new wheels

can any one advise on the price

thanks col

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The OMOC can provide a valuation on the car.

But you will need to provide a lot more details as to what work has been undertaken and supply pictures as well.

Are you looking to insure the car for an agreed value, ie god forbid it gets written of the insuranmce company will pay you out X?

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ok thanks will try here goes

started out 1988 gte exc ib starmist black

bought for 175 quid 3 years ago

strip down to shell new floor ,boot battery tray jacking pionts

cut arches fitted gen 400 wide body kit {sealed and filled arches}

did not like fiber glass bonnet so fitted air vents to steel one

without the triangles in the front

full re spray in black non metalic 2 pack {14 coats put on over 3 stages}

all suspention stripped powder coated and poly bushed

lowerd suspention springs bt 40 mm

quick rack

rear axle stripped and rebuilt with new/used parts

duel fan cooling system for the rad

new windscreen and rear glass{ care of anglesey windscreens}

1800 gear box

red top 16 v engine

with new loom hiden in engine bay area

400 wheels

wax oiled

{humm does not seem like a lot put in a list

so why as this taken nearly 3 years lol}

having problems putting up photos

even done the unthinkable asked

my 11 year old to do it but she cant work in out

for replacement as will need fully comp

to try to cover the cost rebuild on another

hope this is what you needed

thanks col


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upk kev has told me to inc for 5k , after looking at the car thanks kev

big help , and thanks for the advice in the air flow box have now carried out mod

to stop it catching on the brake res .

good luck with the new b project


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