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C20Xe - Yellow Or Blueinjectors


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Hi all,

Finalising the rebuild of my 1992 C20XE for my Manta at the moment. The donor engine had covered 100k, so as part of the rebuild I intend to have the injectors cleaned or replaced.

It currently has yellow injectors..........should I

1. Get new yellow injectors?

2. Get reconditioned yellow injectors?

3. Get blue injectors - I see these for sale as an upgrade? What's the difference and is it worth cjanging to blues?

Thanks, GMC

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the beige ones are for 2.5 bar fuel pressure regulator and the blues are for the 3.0 bar fuel pressure regulator.

saying that i have the blues on a 2.5 bar fuel pressure regulator as the spray pattern is supposed to be better but if i used the 3.0 bar if would overfuel.

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