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1973 Opel Manta 1. Automatic For Sale


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I have a 1973 1.9 manta Rallye for sale all original, orange in colour, drive's perfectly, have had it for over 4yrs

and has always been reliable apart from the need to change the carburettor.

I have now move to London with no long term or sheltered parking, i need to sell.

The cill on the drivers side has rusted a bit, will need some work but apart from that the car is in fantastic

condition, excellent interior..


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As per forum rules please update the advert with the following information:-

Price of car

Location of car

Payment methods accepted

Most importantly add some pictures as this will be asked for by the members.

I also do not think there is any need or benefit to you posting on other members threads that you have a car for sale.


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Added additional comment / corrected spelling
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Hi gavin.

As you have not stoped posting your for sale add as requested, I have now removed your posting access for 7 days. This means that you will be unable to post on the forum untill the 2nd March.

As you can see I have left your original post, so that other users can still see you add, but have moved it to the for sale section.

Chris Collier

(Forum mod.)

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