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Will This Work?


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hi guys iv been looking into putting electronic power steering into my manta hatch for a while and have looked over the forum posts relating to it and also had a good read of manta magic with the bit in the back about how to do it and i was just wandering would this kit work ok ? seems quite good as they have a 12 month warranty for the kit but do you need that piggyback thing for it? Thanks :thumbup


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That kit is for the escort but has the same parts as the one i did the write up about,

yes it has the piggy back controller but that is available for 45 quid on ebay anyway. You will have to modify the column to suit the manta as per my electric power steering post.

Seems expensive to me considering i got my corsa eps for 50 and the piggyback for 40

Corsa b is what you want as it will take a manta steering wheel and surround.



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