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Steering Column


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hi. recently been looking at my manta gte 'b', steering column. long story short i was advised on the mot that steering column bearings had slight play.

looking at the column it is obviously the collapsable type, hence there seems to be 2 shafts that slide into each other in the event of it collapsing?

well the play seems to be where the 2 column shafts fit together? should there be a bush or something that secures the 'upper +lower' steering shafts together?

i've measured the collapsable bit as per the haynes manual and checked the mounting slots, and no evidence of any movement at all!! hope i havnt confused you with me babble haha..

if it helps the car has had a replacment steering rack some time in the past..i wonder if this has disturbed the 2 column shafts?? any advise gratefully appreciated :thumbup

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The inner and outer column are secured to each other with a plastic pin through them.

That way if you crash and hit the steering wheel the pin will snap and column collapses away from you.

If the pin is broken (which can happen) you get some play side to side and also the 2 parts will slide up and down if pulled.

Mine was broken (possibly by me hammering the original steering wheel off :rolleyes: ) so i welded mine solid.

But i'll never hit the wheel in a crash as i have a full roll cage and rally harnesses, so not worried about it

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