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Manta Not Turning Over


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This has been an ongoing problem for a while, the engine would turn over and fire sometimes but then others the ignition would just click. Not even trying to turn over.

If I just tried to start it then it would sort of start on any of the times rather than anything obvious.

I've had 3 black plastic ignition barrels on, all while the prob seemed to get nothing but worse. They were all second hand so could all be knackered.

My only thought left is coil or poor earth. Mechanical fuel pump. Still getting fuel so that hasnt gone belly up.

Im getting a garage at my new house so I hope to have her under cover and learn how to weld. The car has been sat about too long outside as I havent had any facilities to fix it in. The nieghbours get arsey if you do that sort of thing in shared spaces. Had enough comments about my rust bucket and when it was going. They even reported it to the council as abandoned, cheeky gits.

It's an '87 1800 with a 2.0 cavalier engine in. looks the same externally. On a carb with manual choke.

Cheers for any help guys.

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For some reason the 2.0 SEH I fitted in my old Red B ate up a few ignition switches.

Had no idea why they got ate up as starters and batteries were pretty damn the same in current switching terms. I do have a couple of spare ones of these and in fact a brand new item, but having suffered in the past I don't tend to part with these.

All I could suggest to you is to check that the starter itself is working ok, bridging the terminals in situ will see if it will spin the engine over and that the solenoid is not sticking, to me it sounds as though it could be the starter or the switch or both.

Also check the earth to the chassis and the starter connections are secure.

As for nuiscance neighbours, don't they just get on your tits, been having a few comments thrown at me due to the Manta on the drive, my car, my time and money, my f**cking business no-one elses, i don't go harping on about all the ridiculously noisy garden power tools everyone is insistent upon using around here at stupid hours of the day, and I don't go interfering in their business or making comments about "What I think they should be doing" just haven't got time for the morons.

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If it turns over some times and not others without having to recharge the battery suspect the solenoid if earths and live connections are good.

Sometimes a short wire from the solenoid to battery as the trigger wire will start them consistently where the key will not. In these cases the solenoid is breaking down and probably trying to draw too much current through the long thin run, so a shorter wire with less drop and resistance works.

A switch should probably be used in the wire from battery to trigger wire on solenoid to avoid any sparks near the battery which may cause it to blow up causing potential for injury.

No warranty of any kind implied or given.

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When I first got the car I did with greatly appreciated help change the starter motor unit over and it didnt seem to change anything (real git of a job as the car is quite low). Looks like I might have to try a new coil, make sure the leads are all good and the earths and go from there.

I'll come back with the results. Cheers guys.

Is it the black square type of coil or the round type. Or does it even matter?. It has the black square type on at the mo but just saw 2 listed on ebay.

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