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Wheelarch Liners, A, B & C


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Some of you having joined the Club, or this site, in the last couple of years, won't have come encountered my evangelistic zeal for

Manta wheelarch liners. So, as all my old posts have vanished, here's one to be going on with (and no, I've no connection

to the firm whatsoever).

Every remaining Manta needs some of these. Type 'Opel' into the search box and go from there (and make sure you buy the plastic ones):


There's nothing else you can buy that will have such a profoundly beneficial effect for so little time spent, in my opinion.

They take about half an hour at most to fit, and they fit beautifully too.

Forget spending your money on anything else cosmetic. These will save you hundreds of pounds over the years because, combined with some

decent corrosion protection inside the front wings (ie Bilt-Hamber products, not 'Waxoyl'), you'll never need to weld your front end again.

I had a pair on my last 'B', and they're fantastic. My current Hatch had a pair of similar ones (no longer available, but not as good as the Lokaris)

fitted from quite early in its life which is why its front end is as rot free as you'll ever find.

I hope this is of interest, and thanks to Nick Webb who put me on to them in the first place.

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