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Looking For Pictures Of Ducktail'ed A-Series Mantas!


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Saw this car on mobile.de today:


And that's the kind of rear spoiler I'd like for my Rallye! But to get a good picture of how it looks so that I could do my own, I'd like to have some more pics and preferebly something that shows how it looks up on the boot!

So if any of you have any pics of Ducktailed Mantas (any pics really, doesn't have to be that kind of ducktail exactly) I'd appreciate it if you could post them here :)

Or if anyone know of a place where such ducktails can be bought, that'd be interesting aswell! :)

My car as it looks today (a GT/E like front spoiler is on it's way home so a ducktail should fit nicely ;)) : http://img.photobuck...ta/IMG_4220.jpg

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That is only the second one i see with this mod :) I absolutely love it, and are planning to do one myself too. It is not a part that has ever been produced and sold as a styling part, so it is most likely hand crafted!

The other one i have seen with it was a steinmetz widened Manta A from Germany in green and yellow. But can´t find any pics of it now unfortunatly...

My plan was to build a skeleton in tube framing and then add sheet metal last ?

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Did someone mention ducktails?

Not an A series, but anyway....


My plan was to build a skeleton in tube framing and then add sheet metal last ?

That's what I did, framework of 8mm round bar then riveted/welded in steel sheet.

Or looking to buy a ready made one (I'm obviously not going to mention the early capri/escort ones on this site) search for 'Rocket Bunny S13' - cheap copies of the boot spoiler are available on ebay, might be adaptable.....

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