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Clutch Cable


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Hi all ,been told that a bedford CF cable is the one to use when putting clutch fork on opposite side of box but i am struggling to find which one it is as all the ones i have asked about seem to have a ball on one end and threaded on other.

Mine has a ball on clutch fork as im using 4 speed fork and a slot on other end which goes over hook on the peddle

Can anyone shed some light

Thanks Mick

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Sorry, I can't tell you which to buy, but I had one made for my LHD Ascona with a Five speed box and the cable routed around the front of the engine to the boxes RHD clutch fork. I had to do this to avoid the Four branch Manifold. I had it made by Speedy Cables, in Wales and it cost about £45 including postage. I sent them a standard Manta cable and just told them I wanted a new one, only however many inches longer, and with all the same type of fittings on it. It took about two weeks to turn up and is really well made. In fact, I'll order another one soon as a spare. Let me know if you find a CF one that fits will you? .Luke.

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