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Electric Fuel Pump For Carbs


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Webcon electric fuel pump, 2.5-4.5psi.

It is used, but only to run engine (obviously, duh but car never driven anywhere) a few times before I replaced it with an R1 pump for my bike carbs, with petrol out of a flawlessly clean tank (I know this cos it was cleaned, treated/sealed inside) No bracket with it tho as its now holding my r1 pump to the car, but then the brackets pretty crap for attaching it to a manta (Bend a strip of metal round a jar and drill a hole in it. Hey presto, an identical bracket)

£30 delivered within UK.

Its this one:


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Would this suit a twin 45 setup? If it would, would you post to ireland?

I dont know what psi twin 45's would need. It supplied enough fuel for my bike carbs which are (i think) 40, but the r1 pump is a lot better for bike carbs so I went with that.

I can look further but cheapest postage price I've found is 11 quid. (with royal mail. courier prices are twice the price and more!) If the pump is up to your requirements I could do it for 36 quid delivered.

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