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Manta A Front Spoiler


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Hey guys,

I want a manta A front spoiler (that goes onto the bottom engine cover below the bumper), either original or a good copy of it.

I'm in South Africa, no hope of getting one here, except if i have one made custom, which is very expensive. So i'll need international postage too.

who can help me out?

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Hey Stev0

A good place to try is ebay germany. http://www.ebay.de

lots of A series stuff on there. Some of it can be a little expensive but stuff for the A is getting that way now :-(

If you use google chrome it will do the translation into english for you.

This site is also good for a series stuff http://www.splendidparts.de/ and they have an english section :-)

got a few bits for mine from them, nice and speedy with delivery etc..

I hope this helps a bit.


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