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400R For Sale.


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I have a white 400r coupe that will be coming up for sale soon.

Originally it was a 88 gte exculsive coupe in black. The car was totally taken apart for the respray including the windows and some of the interior. The end result is that the car looks great. The engine is still the original gte 2ltr with the the engine bay in the original black. This was done last july.

The body and underside are both solid whith just a small bit of rust around the battery holder and the drivers side arch near the water bottle. Apart from this the car is in great shape.

The interior is like new with only a small bit of damage to the drivers seat on the bolster. The passenger and rear seats are in show room condition, I don't think the back seat has ever been sat on.

I have just ordered a new radiator and need to replace the exhaust.

If anyone is interested, give me you email address and I'll send you some pictures. I will try over the next few days to put some pictures on via photo bucket, not sure how easy that is.

I know you'll all want to know how much I want for it, but I'm not really sure what the car is worth now. I originally paid £5000 about five years ago when the car had 46,000 miles on the clock. It now has 60,000, so I don't expect to get that much back, perhaps someone might be able to advise me when I get the pictures posted.

I have decided to go through the OMOC without posting the car for sale any where else.

I look forward to your comments


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I must add that as this car is registered in the Isle of Man, it would need to be MOT'd , taxed and registered, just as I had to do when I brought the car over here.

The 400 kit cost me £880 and is bolted on. The wheels are 15 x 8" revolutions, costing over £700. The respray is in the latest 2011 Audi white and cost £2200.


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