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Sheffield Area Evening Meet In November


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November's meet at Dronfield will be on Thursday the 1st.

Darren has bought a really nice mk1 Cavalier and we fetched it from North Wales last weekend. It's a 1978 GL four door saloon in a strange Beigy - Orange colour and has been fitted with GT/E running gear. The body is very solid and its paintwork is very clean. Apart from a slight exhaust blow, it behaved faultlessly on the 120 mile trip home. The previous owner has done a brilliant job of the GT/E conversion and has added all the proper brackets for the air flow meter to the inner wing and also fitted the tall tunnel top for the five speed box. This conversion looks factory and even the injection wiring looks like it's always been there. Darren has got a few alterations planned already to make it his own car and is using this as his daily driver.

It looks like his cars might be getting their engines swapped around soon as a nice Toyota 4AGE motor with loads of HKS and Apexi bits has come up at the right price near my house. It's got a tubular manifold too and comes with a Toyota to Ford bellhousing, so it would be ideal for his Starlet to replace its Zetec and bolt up to the Starlet's type 9 Ford gearbox. The Ex-Starlet's, Bike carbed Zetec would then probably end up in his Kadett C on another type 9 box, leaving the Kadett's current modifield CIH engine available for fitment to the new Cavalier. Did you follow that? This lot should keep him busy for a few weekends.

I've not really done much with my cars this month. I've started welding up a mate's 1972 Volvo P1800 ES last Sunday and that's turned into a big job. The lower rear quarter panel was about 3 inches deep in body filler and it looked like it had been snowing after I'd ground that lot out. I've finally got my Ascona's quick rack kit fitted, now I've bought a larger rack from Drew Turner on here.

Paul and Daniel will be back from their holiday in America so hopefully they ( and Laura ) will be able to make it to this meet. Last month their stories had me in stitches and I haven't laughed as much for years.

Mick is now Mantaless but hopefully this will change soon. It looks like his Orange car has gone to a really good home. There's a Silver GT/J appeared on Ebay and I wondered if this was another of Mick's old cars.

Paul ( Dill ) has bought a house in Germany next to the Nurburgring ( lucky git ) and is planning on converting it to a B + B. He says that there's no excuse for me not going now. It's even got a garage!

Rob's been looking into having his 16 valved A.series Manta mapped and it looks like SBD have recommended a place in Huddersfield. We'll probably have a day out up there in the next couple of weeks or so. I'll not be catching this one once it's running full power.

If you're in the area next Thursday evening, call in. We meet from around 7.30PM at the Toby Carvery at the top end of Dronfield near Sheffield. The Carvery food's not bad too...... Luke.

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